The Guide - About Premium and Other Content

About Premium and Other Content

Each file in your search results is marked with either a Gold or Blue icon.

Files marked with a Gold Icon are high quality files bought to you from professional content creators via Altnet. All files marked with Gold Icons are digitally rights managed and are typically offered for use either on a free basis, or on a free-trial basis, before the file must be paid for.
A Blue Icon identifies all other files found in users' shared folders.

Kazaa uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. This means that individual users connect to each other directly, without need for a central point of management. All content found in Kazaa search results is shared either by our premium content providers via Altnet, or by other Kazaa users.

Premium Content Providers

Through Altnet, you can source quality audio/music, games, software utilities and videos. The files come from the creators, so they are professionally crafted, and of high quality. The copyright is often managed by allowing users a trial or preview for a specific period of time, or amount of uses, before it must be paid for.
Find out more about Altnet

Sharing your own content

Peer-to-peer (P2P) users share the other content available through Kazaa. The more of your own, original content you share, the more contribution you will make to improving the experience of other Kazaa users. You can increase your Participation Level by sharing. Read more about Participation Level.

For ideas about files you could create and share visit the 'Kreate' page.

You may wish to adopt a Creative Commons license for your original works. Find out more about Creative Commons.

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