Kazaa Guide - The Glossary - What is Kreate?

What is Kreate?

Kreate aims to help you come up with ideas of files to make and share using Kazaa.

Why Kreate?

Kazaa allows you to distribute and promote your self-authored content. Any short films, poetry, stories, your opinions, art …in fact any music, videos, games, software, documents or images you’ve created and own, can be placed in your 'My Shared Folder' and/or distributed using Magnet Links – so it can be found & downloaded by other peer-to-peer (P2P) users.

This is a perfect way for musicians, producers, poets, photographers and artists to make their work available to others, while enhancing the P2P experience for all users. You can even distribute your content securely on P2P through Altnet if you choose.

You can collect and share works that are in the public domain and are licensed for public distribution (e.g. Creative Commons licensed works) or open source software, and become a helpful resource for others.

Find out more about how Kazaa and peer-to-peer (P2P) work.

Sharing interesting, original files that you created, or popular public domain works is a great way to improve your Participation Level.

How to Share your Kreated Files

  1. Place your self-authored files into your 'My Shared Folder' to be found & downloaded by other peer-to-peer (P2P) users.
  2. If you have a blog or web site, you can use Magnet Links. A Magnet Link on your blog or site allows a visitor who is also a Kazaa user, to download your file via P2P! If Kazaa can’t find your file via P2P, the download will occur as normal from your server. P2P can help you save bandwidth!