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Participation Level

The key to peer-to-peer is participation and sharing. The more each individual participates and shares files, the better the experience is for everyone.

The aim is to reward people who 'integrity rate' their files and share content they’ve created so it can be uploaded - which makes the peer-to-peer world work.

This can be a little hard to control since it is up to other users to choose to download files from you, but if you create and share interesting files you’ll give yourself a good chance of improving your level.

The Levels Explained

  • Low - you download more megabytes from other users than other users download from you. The files downloaded from you are probably not integrity rated.
  • Medium - you allow a solid amount of megabytes to be downloaded from you, or a healthy amount that are integrity rated. Or you have just started and not done much yet.
  • High - you allow more megabytes to be downloaded from you than you download from other users. You are really doing your bit.

When is the Participation Level Used?

The number of 'Search More's available to you when you perform a P2P Search is directly raelated to your Participation Level.

How 'Search More's are calculated

Participation Level Number of 'Search Mores'
  Kazaa Kazaa Plus
Low (0-50) 1 x 2 x
Medium (51-100) 2 x 4 x
High (101-200) 3 x 6 x
Guru (201-500) 4 x 9 x
Deity (501-900) 5 x 12 x
Supreme Being (901-1000) 5 x 15 x

How to Improve Your Participation Level

There are two ways you can improve your level:

  • Increase the amount of megabytes downloaded from you by other users. This is hard to control since it is up to other users to download from you, but if you 'Kreate' and share large and interesting files, you will give yourself a good chance of improving your level. An example of a large created file could be a home movie you made yourself.
  • Accurately integrity rate all your files. This will double the value of every file downloaded from you. By reviewing and then rating the integrity of a file (technical quality and file data) you are supporting the sharing of accurate files and you will be rewarded for it. We also recommend that you rate the file named 'Kazaa' in the software section of 'My Kazaa' View. Find out more about integrity rating.

Important Note: The Participation Level is designed to reward those who are practicing good peer-to-peer behavior, not punish those who are not or cannot.

How Your Participation Level is Calculated

*Non Integrity Rated files are counted as half the size of a rated file.

Here is an example of what that might look like;

Day Of Week UL* DL 7 Day UL 7 Day DL Last 7 days PL
0 10 60 70 86
Tuesday 5 15 55 75 73
Wednesday 0 0 45 65 69
Thursday 0 0 35 55 64
Friday 5 19 30 64 47
Saturday 16 0 36 54 67
Sunday 15 0 41 44 93
Monday 14 22 55 56 98
Tuesday 13 0 63 41 154
Wednesday 12 0 75 41 183
Thursday 11 25 86 66 130
Friday 10 26 91 73 125
Saturday 9 27 84 100 84
Sunday 8 28 77 128 60

*Non-Integrity Rated files are counted as half the size of a rated file.


  • What if I'm a new user?
    Everyone starts at the medium Participation Level and your level can go up or down from there
  • But I pay for bandwidth when other users download from me
    Again, that's OK, do what you can.
  • Why did my participation level go back to medium when I upgraded to the latest version of Kazaa and how fast will I get my normal level back?
    Participation Levels are a representation of your recent sharing pattern and are not accumulated over long periods of time. They are based on the ratio between your recent uploads and downloads. If you habitually share then your Participation Level will rise again in a short period of time. When you upgrade to a new version of Kazaa your Participation Level is reset to ‘medium’. It will return to its normal level over a period of approximately seven days.

Promotion Through Sharing

Kazaa is a great way for you to promote your own content. Any documents, images, music, playlists, software or videos that you have created and own, can be placed in your 'My Shared Folder' to be downloaded by others. The more megabytes that are downloaded from you the higher your Participation Level. For ideas about what to create, and how to label your created content see the ‘Kreate’ page.

This is a perfect way for musicians, producers, poets, photographers and artists to make their work available to others. You can even distribute it securely through the premium content companies.

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