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Like with all internet tools, users of peer to peer technology should be aware and vigilant of potential interruptions from unscrupulous hackers and virus creators. There are a number of precautions that can be taken to minimise the risk of security breaches, the most important of which is to have a quality software package installed which covers peer-to-peer technology.

Bullguard has been tested by Sharman Networks, distributor of Kazaa Media Desktop to be confident that it increases protection during peer-to-peer activity. So much so that we have integrated parts of the technology into Kazaa to give a basic level of protection. This built-in protection comes enabled by default with Kazaa v2.5 and above and is disabled by default with Kazaa version 2.1.1 and below . To find out more click here.

For complete anti-virus and firewall coverage, we recommend the full Bullguard software package.

It is important to note that despite this relationship, Sharman Networks, distributor of Kazaa acknowledges and is thankful for the attention and support provided by other security and virus protection companies, particularly Symantec and McAfee.

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