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Kazaa users have the opportunity to get high quality, professional files from content providers and creators through Altnet technology. Altnet audio/music, games, software utility and video files are of high quality and can be found through ordinary Kazaa searches.

When you see a Gold icon it indicates that the file is available through Altnet.
Double-click or right-click and select 'Download' to request the file.

Altnet files include a variety of different types of media from a wide variety of creators including emerging artists from Cornerband, established artists from major record labels, games from high quality developers such as Infogrames, software utilities and more!


Altnet files are digitally rights managed ("DRM-protected"). Most of them can be trialed or previewed for a set length of time so that you can see whether it is something you would like to own. At the end of the trial period you'll be prompted with information about purchasing the file. Each file will have its own individual pricing and license agreement from the content owner.

For more information go to www.altnet.com