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The use of this software for illegal activities, including uploading or downloading games, movies, music, or software without authorization, is strictly forbidden, and may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties.

Minimum Requirments: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Internet Explorer 5+ and have Windows Media Player 9 or later.

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How to download Kazaa (free version)

1. Go through the install process: 2. Enjoy Kazaa!

What You Install With Kazaa v(free version)

  • Kazaa - this is the main application that lets you search for, download and share files.
  • TopSearch - this displays quality, digitally rights managed files (marked with Gold Icons) in search results. Powered by Altnet.
  • Altnet Peer Points Manager this is a rewards application for sharing files marked with Gold Icons. Includes Need2Find Tool bar, Joltid P2P Networking & Altnet Peer Points Components.
  • BullGuard P2P - BullGuard P2P provides virus protection when using Kazaa.
  • Advertising - delivered by Cydoor.
  • InstaFinder - Provides alternative websearch results when browsing.
  • RX Toolbar - an internet browser toolbar that displays relevant website links in your browser. Facebook shares

Kazaa v is a free download which is also supported by the following sources:

  • Content - payment for distribution of Digitally Rights Managed files (marked with Gold Icons).
  • Sales of products and services - eg. Full version of BullGuard, MatchNet, etc.

We respect your privacy. See our Privacy Statement for information on our data practices.

This is not a license. You must read and agree to the full license before installing Kazaa.

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